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Full Moon of July 2022: how it will impact your zodiac sign

The second full supermoon of the year will light up the night sky on July 13., offering the opportunity to witness this show that will not be repeated this year. Astrologically, it will occur under the sign of Capricorn, whose pragmatic and ambitious energy will affect our responsibilities and discipline.

The full moon of July, also known as the Stag or Thunder Moonwill be presented at the peak of the Cancer season and in the retrogrades of Neptune and Saturn, this last ruling planet of Capricorn, so the vibrations of this lunation will be stronger, according to astrologers in Bustle.

The tenth sign of the zodiac is also associated with public image, reputation and career.so this full moon will connect with our professional efforts, however, it will affect each sign differently.

If you feel that your work has not been recognized, this full moon will change things. It is the opportunity to shine, assume more sense of authority and find your purpose in the world.

The full moon in Capricorn will encourage you to seek deeper meaning in your inner purposes. and you will find that the answers to your problems lie within yourself. It is a good time to release bad habits and outdated thoughts, Bustle commented in his horoscope.

This lunation will help Gemini to release things that do not add up to their purposes, reorganize priorities and strengthen their confidence.. You will find a way to align your material world with your value system.

Personal relationships will become more important during this lunation What happens during your astrological cycle? You will have to connect more intimately with your partner or you will find new relationships.

The full moon in Capricorn will make adjustments to your daily routine.. It is likely that new job opportunities will appear or you will have more responsibilities. This lunation will help you adjust to these changes.

During the full moon in July you will feel more aligned with self-care. It will take the time to enjoy life a little more.

While you will be inspired by your passions, the full moon reminds that it is also good to rest. The urge to achieve goals can make you feel overwhelmed, but now is the time to bring order to yourself.

During the full moon in July your negative thought patterns will become more apparent. that hinder the way you communicate with others, however, you will have the opportunity to see these thoughts from another perspective.

You will focus on the issues that matter most to you and the people around you. You will reorganize your financial and material life to have more security or freedom to explore the world.

The protagonist of the July full moon is precisely Capricorn, so It will be a moment of personal renewal. You will be able to identify bad habits and be able to release them, you will also gain great insights into what can help you grow personally.

The Deer full moon will activate your subconscious by analyzing your spiritual purposes and aligning them with your values.. It will be the perfect time to free yourself from self-destructive habits.

You will feel the love and support of your loved ones because you will emphasize your social values. On the other hand, you will acquire the role of leader in your friendship circles, establishing healthy limits for everyone.

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