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Full moon of January 2023: simple ritual to heal old heart wounds

If you want to heal old heart wounds and balance your emotions, the full moon of January 6, 2023, known as the Wolf Moonis the best time to do it through a simple, but powerful ritual.

This lunation is the first of the year and occurs in the territories of the Cancer sign, making it the most ideal for close cycles associated with emotions because it invites us to pay attention to our feelings.

Cancer is a water sign ruled precisely by the Moon, the star in charge of emotions, which is why this January Moon will encourage our most nostalgic, sensitive and intuitive part.

With this ritual that we teach you below, you will be able to work with this energy to heal emotional wounds from the past.

Ritual for the full moon of January

To start you should choose the quietest time of the day. At the suggestion of the Pronto.com.ar site, do it after a shower because water is the element of Cancer and it will allow you to cleanse and purify your energy.

Then grab a pen and paper to answer these questions to yourself: how much I care for myself and others, how can I do better, and what feelings do I need to leave behind to move forward?.

This moment of introspection must be done in the most sincere way possible, without judging your actions in the past or the emotions that cause you in the present.

When you finish writing the letter, fold the sheet in half and burn it carefully. To do so you can help yourself with a white candle. You must let the ashes be carried away by the wind and thank the universe or the superior being of your preference for the spiritual healing that you will experience.

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