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Full moon of December 2022: which zodiac signs will feel its effects the most

The night of this Wednesday, December 7 We will see the last full moon of 2022 in the skya lunation that will occur in the sign of Gemini and that, although it will affect the entire Zodiac, some signs will experience an emotional catharsis, so it is expected that they will feel its effects more.

If your sun, moon, or ascendant sign is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces get ready because the impact of the December full moonalso known as the Cold Moon, will be greater for you, according to the predictions of astrologers.

Full moons close the lunar cycle and occur approximately every 28 days, when our natural satellite shines in all its round splendor. Astrologically, full moons take place when the Moon, ruler of your inner self, is in opposition to the Sun, your ruler of the outer self, creating emotional tension.

The Cold Moon arrives with our natural satellite in Gemini and while the Sun is in Sagittarius, so, if your sign is one of the most affected, you could experience unexpected feelings.

Since the full moon occurs in this sign, if you have Gemini in any of your locations, you will become the center of attention, that is, everyone will hear what you want to say. According to StyleCaster.com, it will encourage you to look at the person you have become, this means that you have learned from your mistakes. This full moon signifies a time of change and completion.so it is possible that you release anger and resentments that you have held back.

If you are rethinking your professional goals, you may realize that something is not working for you. Giving a rudder stroke to turn the boat in another direction It does not mean failure, although it is not easy, it will help you to put your course back together and tune in to your interests. That’s what this full moon is all about, whose energy will help you weather the storms.

The cold moon occurs in your opposite sign and while the warmth of the Sun gives you self-confidence, after all, we are in the middle of the Sagittarius cycle. This lunation will force you to recognize which relationships work, they are reliable, strong and in those that you must assume more responsibility. If you are in a weak relationship, the full moon will be like the “last straw” and each one will go their separate ways.

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