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Full moon of December 2022: rituals to attract love and money in 2023

With the last full moon of the year the countdown begins to say goodbye to 2022 and think about our purposes for 2023, and if you want to be more prosperous in love and moneytonight is the perfect time to ask the universe through moon rituals.

The full moon of December 2022, also known as the Cold Moon or Snow Moon, marks the end of autumn and the eve of winter, as well as being a prelude to the end of the year. Although all full moons represent the closure of the lunar cycle, this is more special for being the last of 2022.

Meaning of the full moon of December 2022

Astrologically, all the full moons occur in opposite signs, the one we will see this Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, occurs in Gemini in opposition to the Sun in Sagittariuswhich means a time to be lighter and more flexible in our relationships with others and with ourselves.

Let’s remember that full moons alter our feelings, so this lunation is perfect for closing cycles. Take advantage of this cosmic moment to attract love and money through the following rituals.

Full moon ritual for money

For this lunar spell you will need 3 coins of the same denomination, a yellow candle, a glass of salted water and an unsplit lemonthat is, integer.

The coins represent wealth, prosperity and economic well-being; the yellow candle is used for our purposes associated with money and luck, while the water with salt and lemon will purify or neutralize harmful energies.

To begin, place the 3 coins in a window so that they receive the light of the full moon, then light the candle with a match while visualizing that a yellow mantle covers your aura. When the candle goes out, water a plant with the salt water; do it with your left hand. As explained by the Gastrolabwe.com site, you must repeat this ritual 3 nights in a row, then keep the coins and lemon in a safe place and remove the fruit when it gets dark.

Full moon ritual for love

The second spell that we recommend is equally simple, you will only need a cinnamon stick and 2 red candles.

Cinnamon properties include attracting luck and opening the way for us, while red candles are used for our romantic purposes and passion.

With a match, light both candles and visualize your romantic purposes, for example, starting a relationship with the person you want, being happy with your current partner, recovering a lost love, etc.

Now light the cinnamon stick with a match as if it were incense. To help you, place it in a fire-resistant container and if you wish, use charcoal or incense to make it burn faster. When the smoke spreads through your house, repeat 7 times “Love will come to me. So be it”. Try to do this ritual right at midnight, when the energy of the full moon is most powerful.

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