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Full Moon in Virgo: The best period of the month to produce positive changes

This Tuesday March 7 there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo, which will produce many changes affecting, to a greater or lesser extent, all the signs of the zodiac.

Symptoms such as tiredness, swelling and tenderness, They tend to become more evident in some people who are unaware of the effect of the stars on their lives, but experts on the subject qualify all of this as something normal that has accompanied human beings since their appearance on this plane.

Nevertheless, some sensations will be different because the Moon and the Sun will be on opposite sides.

The Full Moon in Virgo allows people to see things that they have regularly been doing without awarenessthis by virtue of the fact that the natural satellite of the earth takes light from the Sun to allow seeing a large part of the actions that must be modified for their own benefit and those who depend on it.

It should be noted that the influence of the Full Moon in Virgo will be felt from March 7 to March 21.

During this period, consciousness will rise with the universal purpose of setting limits and redirecting the daily energy of human beings. to meet your previously set goals.

Now, for those of you who haven’t set goals, this cycle offers a great opportunity to do so instead of drifting through the world like a ship adrift, just drifting with the current.

This astronomical event will have a direct impact on human behavior, because it is beyond their control and will bring a spiritual environment, of reflection, as well as the enormous need to set limits where they do not exist.

During this cycle when the Moon becomes visible as an illuminated disk, it is possible to connect with order and planning, this by virtue of the fact that Virgo represents concepts such as work, health and everything in which one must be responsible to achieve a balance.

Thus, the recommendation of astrologers is to avoid overloading yourself with unnecessary tasks that consume energy on people and instead it is a priority to address issues related to health.

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