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Full moon December 2022: know the spiritual meaning of the cold moon

Next December 7th the cold full moon will rise peaking in the sky late at night, at 11:08 PM ET. Will be the last full moon of 2022representing a time of reflection and hope whose energy could not be more appropriate to close the year.

Throughout its cycle, our natural satellite moves through the Zodiac, when it is in its full phase, it occurs in the opposite sign where the Sun is.

The one that we will see this month is presented with the king star in Sagittarius, that is, during the archer’s season, and the Moon in its opposite sign: Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury and encourages us to feed our curiosity, express what we think and be our true selves, astrologers explain to the Pop Sugar site.

Why is it called a cold moon?

All the full moons that occur in the year have a special name based on the environment around them. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the one we witnessed in december takes its name from the natural environment we feel, that is, it marks the turning point towards the coldest and darkest point of winter.

Spiritual meaning of the December full moon

Being the last full moon of the year and the one that precedes winterthe cold moon is a moment of reflection and balance between past, present and future thoughts.

As it occurs in Gemini, a sign of cheerful and social air ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, it is perfect for going out with friends and having romantic dates, according to Allure notes in an article.

the moon of december asks us to keep things light and under pressureso it is the perfect opportunity to close cycles and release everything we drag along throughout the year.

If you want to take advantage of the energy of this lunation you can perform a meditation ritual. Think about everything that has happened in 2022, what you have achieved, the obstacles you have overcome, what you have learned and, from this point, find your goals for 2023.

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