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Full Harvest Moon 2022: which zodiac signs will be most affected

The coming Saturday will see the full moon of September, traditionally known as the Harvest Moon. for being the last of the summer and the closest to the autumn equinox, and whose effects will be more noticeable in 3 zodiacal signs.

Each full moon represents the end of the lunar cycle and this one in particular, as it precedes the Libra season, which will begin on September 22, and will occur in the inspiring sign of Pisces. it’s a good time to release negativity and daydream.

The Full Harvest Moon 2022 comes to us just one day after the start of Mercury retrograde, so astrologers recommend that if we are going to work with its energy, we do it in a relaxed environment without pressure, otherwise we could have counterproductive results.

This is indicated by experts in a Bustle article, where they tell us why Gemini, Virgo and Pisces will be the signs most affected by this September lunation.

Lunar energies will boost y

our public image, if you want to make a good impression, this will be the best time. He will let go of the expectations others have of him and focus on what he wants.

You will feel that you must make big changes in your life, however, now is not the best time. She will have to reserve her energies and act calmly, as it is a time of analysis and reflection.

It will impact your personal relationships, but in a positive way. It will push him to let go of old resentments that have kept him from fixing things, so he will move on from now on.

Still, there are bound to be some mix-ups courtesy of Mercury retrograde, but the full moon will help you be clear on your path even if the truth is painful.

The full moon in September will lead you to analyze your sentimental situation, and if that is the case, pay more attention to it. And it is that he will experience an emotional release that will leave him a space to receive new things.

On the other hand, you may be more sensitive and vulnerable than usual, so you should avoid repeating negative patterns that have damaged past relationships.

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