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From Pinhão to Pocinho along the magnificent Douro line

In Pinhão à Pocinho there are 45 kilometers of travel, along the beautiful Golden River. Along the way, you will find the most breathtaking landscapes, made up of dams, vineyards and a powerful and impressive Mother Nature.

Admire the Pocinho dam and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Make the return journey and continue to be amazed by the wonders of what is, for many, one of the most beautiful rail routes from around the world: the route from Pinhão to Pocinho.

To get to Pinhão, you can start by taking the MiraDouro train from Porto, starting a magnificent journey that you will not forget.

From Pinhão to Pocinho: 45 kilometers of an incredible journey

The railway section has existed since 1887 and is considered by many to be the most beautiful on the Douro line. The truth is that the trip from Pinhão to Pocinho is full of charms and points of interest.

With the opening of the section to Pinhão, the main purpose of the Douro Line was completed, which was to establish a rail connection to this region. However, at this time, plans were already being made to continue the line to the border with Spain at Barca d’Alva, so that, on 23 July 1883, the construction of this section was decreed.

The line was thus opened up to Tua on September 1, 1883, and to Pocinho on January 10, 1887. The section between this station and Côa was inaugurated on May 5, 1887 and the section between Côa and Barca d’Alva on December 9, 1887, on the same day as the international section Barca d’Alva-La Fregeneda.

The stunning terraces of the Douro Vinhateiro

This is the first stop after leaving Pinhão. Currently, the main highlight of the area is the Tua dam. From Pinhão to Tua it’s about 15 minutes. After this first stop, the journey continues, crossing fascinating places and landscapes, where you cannot miss places like Alegria, Ferradosa, Vargelas, or Quinta do Vesúvio.

If you stop at Tua Station, don’t miss a meal at the Calça Curta restaurant, right next to the railway and with a breathtaking view over the Douro. the main specialties revolve around pickled river fish, eel stew or stew, and is also a haven, at the right time, for shad and lamprey aficionados.

On the menu you will also find octopus, deer and wild boar meat, wild rabbit, partridge and, of course, the traditional and tasty feijoada à transmontana. To not lose.

Roman ruins
The Roman ruins in Freixo de Numão

The next stop, immediately before Pocinho, is Freixo de Numão and in this area, it is impossible not to get to know the history of Cachão da Valeira. This area, as magnificent as it is dangerous, made navigation on the Douro difficult and was destroyed in the 18th century. Incidentally, it is there that the famous Baron of Forrester lost his life, in a shipwreck that went down in the history of the region.

In the mid-20th century, it ended up being partly submerged by the homonymous dam, but the Valeira gorge is, even today, an undisputed symbol of this Douro region.

Old bridge in Pocinho
The railway heritage in Pocinho bears witness to times gone by

The journey ends in Pocinho, where in addition to the dam, you can admire the surrounding landscape and delight in the local charms. The terraces of the Douro, from which exceptional wines flow, are a delight for the eyes.

This is a village in the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, which is located on the left bank of the Douro River. The small local population developed and grew, mainly, after the construction of the railway station, in the 19th century, which served as a warehouse for goods, such as ore and agricultural products.

Close to the village is the Pocinho Dam, which connects the districts of Guarda and Bragança. In addition to the dam, it is worth getting to know the high-performance rowing center in Pocinho, as well as the Pocinho Railway Station, the current terminus of the Douro Line.

Where to eat?

Beef steak with rosemary

Talking about Pocinho or going to Pocinho and not visiting Julinha’s Tavern it’s just like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. The fame of this place is undeniable – and as where there is smoke, there is fire, which is to say, where there are many positive comments, it is because it is a place to be explored –, so a trip there should not be missed.

Taberna da Julinha is located in one of the few inhabited houses next to the Pocinho railway station, between the old bridge and the dam.

This is a journey through the flavors of the region. In the starters, you can find a sheep’s cheese and a chorizo ​​from Bata Alves de Carviçais. There is grilled alheira, wild asparagus omelette and sliced ​​mushrooms, fried in olive oil with garlic. After the tasty appetizers, here’s the main dish: Posta Mirandesa.

Cooked over coals and rare on the inside, accompanied by boiled potatoes also braised. Finally, the dessert keeps two ex-libris of the Taberna: the burnt cream (as you like) and the cottage cheese with pumpkin jam (which knows how to sin like that…).

  • Address: IP2, Nº 10, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, 5150-502 Pocinho
  • Phone: +351 965 398 826
  • Average price per meal: €20

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