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From Juan Gabriel to Rosalía: Latinos and Hispanics who are among the 200 best singers in history

The famous Rolling Stone magazine announced the 200 most famous of all time.

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For Aretha Franklin his mission as a singer was: “Me with my hand outstretched, waiting for someone to take it”, that is, a deep bond between the artist and his listeners.

That is why the magazine rolling stones has announced who are the 200 greatest singers of all time. This list ranges from gospel to punk, from Sinatra to Selena to SZA.

The first list that was published with the 100 best singers was in 2008 and for this they carried out a vote that included contributions from well-known musicians. The results favored classic rock and artists from the ’60s and ’70s. But, this new list was compiled by the magazine’s staff, and spans 100 years of pop music.

Some of the stars that stand out is the rosalia in position 200, for the magazine this artist when she sings “feels like she’s taking decades of history out of her throat and resuscitating them in the air. Her vocal tone, whose intuitive melismas and rhythmic accents were built from a flamenco formation of more than a decade, possesses a crystalline nature that in turn awakens deep emotions in the hearts of listeners”.

in 198 is billie eilishwho has been singing since the age of 14 and over time “has mastered the technical elements that now comprise her signature style: controlled slides, delicate vibrato and choppy texture that she has inspired a new generation of pop singers to emulate.”

Other positions that we can highlight is the North American Kelly Clarkson in 194, in 190 the R&B singer Frank Oceanthe 185 Alicia Keysin the 180 SZA.

King’s wool in 175 who magazine described her style as “between glamor and directness, her words sometimes uttered offhandedly to emphasize that there is a banality behind the melodrama”.

The rest of the most outstanding positions are:

  • 172: John Gabriel.
  • 167: Marc Anthony.
  • 141: Cristina Aguilera.
  • 140: Bonus.
  • 139: Rocio Durcal.
  • 112: Ozzy Osborune.
  • 110: The Weekend.
  • 102: Taylor Swift.
  • 100: Elton John.
  • 98: Bob Marley.
  • 97: Usher.
  • 95: Vicente Fernandez.
  • 89: Selena.
  • 87: Diana Ross.
  • 86: Michael Jackson.
  • 85: Johnny Cash.
  • 83: Amy Winehouse.
  • 73: Hector Lavoe.
  • 68: Rihanna.
  • 58: Lady Gaga.
  • 55: Tina Turner.
  • 52: Mick Jagger.
  • 43: Ariana Grande.
  • 36: Kurt Cobain.
  • 27: Dolly Parton.
  • 26: Paul McCartney.
  • 22: Adele.
  • 19: Frank Sinatra.
  • 18: Celia Cruz.
  • 17: Elvis Presley.
  • 16: Prince.
  • 15: Bob Dylan.
  • 14: Freddy Mercury.
  • 12: John Lennon.
  • 8: Beyonce.
  • 5: Mariah Carey.
  • 2: Whitney Houston.
  • 1: Aretha Franklin.

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