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From cultivation to finished garment – ​​Kappahl’s customers will soon be able to know more about how the garments are produced

Soon comes Kappahl’s customers can easily know where and how their garments are produced, from cultivation to finished garment. As part of its investment in sustainability at all levels, Kappahl begins a collaboration with Indian-Swedish TrusTrace through a strategic investment to be able to track and measure the entire supply chain. With the tool, it will be possible for customers to make more informed and sustainable choices and more easily see what they get for their money.

Photo: Kappahl

– Because Kappahl is important to be a transparent company and we want to make it easy for our customers to make informed and sustainable choices. The customer should receive as detailed information as possible to quickly know what it is they have bought, says Kappahl CEO Elisabeth Peregi.

With the digital platform TrusTrace gets Kappahl the tools to effectively manage sustainability data for the approximately 40 million garments sold each year. With TrusTrace, you can show where and how the garments are produced, thanks to saved sustainability data on fiber production, yarn, where the fabric is woven, printed, dyed and finally sewn. The result can then be combined to give an overall picture of the garment’s values, and through the tool the information can be communicated in a simple and accessible way for the customer.

Tracking and measuring the data surrounding the garments, from where the cotton is grown to where it is sewn, will happen gradually. The goal is that by 2025 it will be possible for customers to see all stages of the manufacturing process for all Kappahl garments. However, customers can already now receive information about which factory the garments within the Minories brand are manufactured at. Next fall, the entire supply chain is planned to be presented on all jeans via a QR code that links to information on the website, and in stores the staff can help customers find information about the garment in Kappahl’s online shop.

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