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From being drowning in debt, to accumulating more than 450 thousand dollars

Do you want to know how this young woman managed to go from being drowning in debt, to accumulating more than 450 thousand dollars in her assets?

We invite you to read this article to the end, because we will tell you the inspiring story of Diana Merriama young woman who managed to change her consumer mentality, and secure her financial future.

As you read, this is much closer to your reality than you think. So sit back and get ready to learn from the story of someone who could be the inspiration to make a life change.

How she went from being in debt to a millionaire

Like any story that can lead us to a great lesson, this one starts from identifying errors in money management.

This happened to Diana Merriama young woman who, tired of working to pay off her debts, decided to take matters into her own hands and change her lifestyle.

Of course, it cost her significant changes, sacrifices and some resignations, but in the end they yielded much greater results than she expected.

The most important thing is that she was willing to change her consumption habits, analyze her financial behavior very well and learn to manage money better with the aim of becoming a millionaire.

Today you can say that your future is secured in economic terms; you could stop working, but you still feel productive and enjoy what you do. The good news is that it is not born out of necessity, but out of taste and pleasure for what it does.

Without a doubt, we would like you too to be able to take something from this story and make it your own, in this way you could learn from the mistakes of others, and save money, time and energy on your own experience.

The inspiring story of Diana Merriam

Then, How did you go from being in debt to being a millionaire?

First, we must tell you a little about the story of this young woman, and what led her to take charge of her financial situation, to become one of the young millionaires.

Merriam, tells in an interview with CNBC, that when he lived in New York, he spent a lot of money on rent, and on maintaining his lifestyle, above all, his social status.

He would spend around 2,000 to 3,000 dollars on parties, dinners and gatherings with friends. He also continued to drag the debt for a loan that he had requested for his studies.

So at the end of the day, between the consumption of his credit cards, the student loan and his lifestyle, he was beginning to drown in debt that he might not have been able to pay, if he had not decided to make a radical change.

Decisions that changed his life in less than a year

how to save money easilyIt was then that in the middle of a trip to the Camino de Santiago, she took advantage of the time to analyze very well what she needed to change, and why the way she was managing her finances could lead her to bankruptcy if she did not do something about it.

His initial goal was to save to pay off your debts and live a little more peacefully, but this was only the beginning of earning enough income to allow her to invest wisely.

Definitely, the fact that he had stopped wasting money on material things, or something as trivial as going out to dinner, made a big difference in his search for financial freedom.

In less than a year, he had saved enough to pay off his debts. And instead of spending his money again, he made a complete change by moving to a much quieter city, and with a different quality of life, thanks to the much lower daily cost.

And it is that New York is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the united stateswith what he used to pay his rent, now he covers almost all his monthly expenses and he can continue saving and investing.

Firethe movement that allowed him to secure his retirement

financial freedom how to achieve itBeyond the fact that this was not his intention, he found in this movement called FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early, for its acronym in English).

Thanks to this movement, today he can say that he works for pleasure and not out of necessity.

Once she had this certainty of a stable economic future, she began to venture into financial consulting issues through a podcast, in which she teaches how to achieve what she herself could achieve in a short time.

This business idea in turn allows you to continue generating income without having to work long hours a week or be tied to one location.

It goes without saying that at only 35 years old, he has the life that many want, thanks to the fact that he managed to change the course of his expenses in time.

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Generate income, save and pay off your debts

Finally, the teaching is that in addition to knowing how to manage your money responsibly, what you need is to create awareness about your expenses.

Are you really investing money or wasting your resources without a specific goal?

With this, and many more success stories that we share with you in Undertaking Stories, we believe that you have enough proof that it is possible to achieve financial freedom.

You just need to decide to start today, to make the changes that perhaps you have been putting off for comfort or because you think you are not going to make it.

Own the future of your money and live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

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