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Fridge magnets: learn how to make them

Anyone who wants to change the look of the fridge can bet on the decorative magnets🇧🇷 These ornaments are low cost, can be made at home and are able to reveal the personality of the resident.

The magnets make the kitchen decoration more modern and personalized. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

How to make fridge magnet?

Materials: Sheets of paraná paper (a thicker type of paper), acrylic paints of different colors, sticky magnetic sheetsstylus and matte varnish.

Step by step

Check out the following step by step to make fridge magnets🇧🇷

1. Paint the paraná paper with acrylic paint. Do this with several sheets, valuing the diversity of colors.

two. After the ink dries, stick the magnetized sheet on the back of the Paraná paper🇧🇷 The ‘adhesive’ system works like a sticker.

Paint the paraná paper, glue the magnetized sheet and cut it in the form of diamonds. (Photo: Disclosure)

4. Cut diamond-shaped molds. Then use them to cut the panama paper already painted and magnetized. With one sheet it is possible to make several pieces.

5. To ensure the protection of fridge magnets, finish the work by applying a layer of matte spray varnish. Wait to dry for 30 minutes.

6. Once ready, the diamond-shaped magnets allow you to create a variety of designs on the fridge, such as various geometric shapes. The result is modern, interactive and personalized.

Apply varnish to the parts and assemble the fridge decor. (Photo: Disclosure)


– All materials needed for make fridge magnets can be found at the stationery store.

– The magnetized adhesive sheets allow you to make different pieces to decorate the fridge. It is possible to stick photos, illustrations and texts on this surface.

– With magnets, the kitchen fridge will assume the role of fun mural.

– Kids will definitely love to participate in making magnets this holiday season.

Decorative fridge magnets

Fridge magnets can make kitchen decor look more modern and relaxed. They take the environment out of monotony without having to commit the budget with big changes.

There are many magnet models available on the market, such as fun buttons, biscuit versions, message holders and even those that cover the entire fridge.

At the time to decorate the kitchen with fridge magnets, it is important to take care that the visual environment is not polluted with so much visual information. It is also recommended to take care of the maintenance of accessories, after all, they get greasy.

To decorate the fridge, the magnets must be arranged in an organized way and value a specific theme. Among the ideas that are successful, it is worth mentioning the vintage figures, the technological icons and the picture frames.

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