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Friday the 13th: which zodiac signs will have bad luck

The second week of 2023 surprises us with a cabalistic Friday the 13th, a date that for the superstitious is bad luck. Faced with this day that causes a lot of nervousness, astrology tells us what zodiac signs are the less fortunateat least this year.

If your zodiac sign is part of this list, it does not mean that everything you do will go wrong or you are destined to fail, but rather that the consequences of making the worst decisions will be detrimental to you, mainly in terms of money.

And it is that, according to predictions of the site YearlyHoroscope.org, 3 zodiac signs will have bad luck because they could waste their money on things that don’t make sense. The positive of all this is that they will know what to expect to prevent their curse.

Those born under this zodiac sign will be tempted by wasting money, beyond planning an intelligent saving and spending strategy, they will care about how they live now, enjoy the moment and passionate love, especially those who are single.

To avoid falling victim to your bad luck, astrologers suggest avoiding impulsive spending, setting limits, establishing savings habits, and being disciplined to stick to them.

The sign of the scales will not resist things that seem beautiful to them and since they are very generous, they will share everything they have with their loved ones, they do not hesitate to compare quality things for them, however, they leave their needs in the background. .

The horoscope predicts that you will have a good year financially, but you must take care of your savings so as not to waste money and keep a few dollars for yourself, otherwise, it could attract bad luck.

In 2023 changes will be a constant in Aquarius. This instability, mainly at work, can have unpleasant consequences in your economic life.

This sign now wants to live new experiences and adventures, leaving savings in the background, so you must have a good financial strategy to avoid running out of money.

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