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Friday the 13th: what rituals to do to attract good luck

Friday the 13th is often associated with negative connotations, because for the most superstitious it’s an unlucky day and to avoid being victims of the curse of this fateful date, they go to the popular rituals.

The bad reputation of Friday the 13th has a religious background, for example, the last supper was attended by 13 people and Jesus was sacrificed the next day, presumably a Friday. Popular culture has been in charge of magnifying this day as bad luck, since 13 is one of the most cabalistic numbers for the superstitious.

Whatever the belief, many people they avoid doing some things so as not to fall victim to their curse What:

Do not wear green clothing.
Do not sweep the house with a broom because it is a bad omen.
Do not wash clothes or change the sheets in the house.
Do not go under a ladder.
Do not sit at a table with 13 diners or in a place that has the number 13.

Beyond its fateful association with negativity, Friday the 13th is a date with a special magic that can help us attract good luck, and here we show you some rituals to take advantage of its mysticism.

Ritual to attract good energy

For this Friday the 13th ritual you will need 2 white candles, thyme, rosemary, saffron, salt and a cloth bag, according to WeMystic.com, author of this spell.

There is no specific time to do it, it should only be a Friday the 13th. Put all the ingredients in the cloth bag, then light the two white candles with a match. Leave the bag next to the candles and wait until they are completely consumed. When they do, take the sack and use it as a good luck charm.

Ritual for love on Friday the 13th

One of the hidden powers of Friday the 13th is its magic to attract love. For this ritual we will need 1 pink candle, 1 white candle, 1 green candle, 1 photo of you, 1 plate and the lock of your hair.

With something sharp, like a needle or toothpick, write your full name on each of the candles and place them on top of the plate. In the middle put your photo and your lock, light the candles and let them burn out. Once they’ve melted, take the remains, along with your lock and photo, and bury them in a garden. You can do it in one of your pots that you have at home.

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