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Frida Sofía takes a selfie in a string bikini and shortly before she lets herself be seen doing a sexy dance

To start 2023 on the right foot Frida Sofia wasted sensuality through their social networks, where she showed off her curves again, first with a sexy dance and then with a tiny bikini of threads that made it clear that she looks more beautiful than ever.

The daughter of Alejandra Guzman has given a lot to talk about in recent years, not only because of the legal problems he faces in Mexico with his maternal familybut because of the accusations to which he was subjected at the beginning of 2022 when was arrested for disturbing public order. In addition, on social networks she has also been seen very active wasting love and as an ambassador for a line of beauty products.

But once again she is giving something to talk about, as she used her official Instagram account to share a series of publications in which she made it clear that she has everything to shine this 2023, at least in terms of beauty, because in the series of recordings quickened the hearts of her admirers with a sexy dance with which she declared herself ready for whatever comes.

Better, Faster and Stronger 2023“It was how he described the first recording in which he appears shaking his hips with his back to the camera and with a glass of wine in hand.

In addition to the seductive movements, the 30-year-old influencer appears wearing a beige jumpsuit with slits on the sides that revealed part of her bust and slim legs, although this time she received not only praise, as some detractors appeared to launch cruel accusations .

Sure that the best is yet to come, Frida Sofía once again drew attention with another revealing video in which she showed off on camera with a pink string bikiniset that revealed the curvaceous silhouette that it has.

And it is that, while waiting for a relaxing session inside a sauna bath, Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter took advantage of the time to record herself with her cell phone and send greetings to her true admirers.

Along with thousands of views, the singer also received a shower of messages in which her followers not only confirmed that she had inherited her family’s beauty, but also congratulated her for looking so happy at the beginning of the year.

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