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Freezing of IPVA in MG is approved in the assembly

The value of IPVA in Minas Gerais, in 2022, will be based on the prices charged in 2020. This is because, this Wednesday, the 15th, the State Legislative Assembly approved Bill number 3,278/21, which freezes IPVA for 2022, project by Deputy Bruno Engler, from the PRTB. The proposal was well received in the Assembly and had 56 votes in favor and no rejection.

The purpose of the PL is to promote financial relief for miners in such a difficult year, mainly because there was an increase in the values ​​of used vehicles which, without fail, would also increase the value of the IPVA. Governor Romeu Zema (Novo) still needs to sanction the PL for it to become effective.

What this article covers:

How was the approval given that freezes the IPVA increase

Despite the consolidated numbers of votes having been expressive for the approval of the project, the voting had its degree of tension. This was due to the fact that the state government tried to stop the election. Governor Zema went to the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG) to obtain an injunction that prevented deputies from continuing with the vote.

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The injunction was granted in favor of the governor’s request, but the voters in the Assembly maintained the discussions and did not interrupt the voting. Agostinho Patrus (PV), president of the ALMG, assured that after the votes, the TJMG would grant the session validity, which actually happened.

But why was there an attempt by the government of Minas Gerais to stop the project?

The governor’s idea with this movement with the TJMG was to force a specific vote, that of the Fiscal Recovery Regime (RRF). This issue has priority in the House, which prevents deputies from promoting the vote on other matters.

The agenda is controversial and is of great interest to the Zema government. This is because the government intends to base the state’s recovery plan on it. The controversy is due to some unpopular measures that are included in the RFR and that refer to public investments and civil service.

What other project was approved at the same time?

On the occasion of approval of the freezing of IPVA 2022 for Minas Gerais, deputies also voted on Draft Resolution 152/21. It recognizes or extends the situation of public calamity in 13 cities in the state. This matter gave greater flexibility in the expenses of municipalities in a state of calamity that, for the time being, are relieved of their responsibilities in achieving fiscal results.

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