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Free Video Tutorial Website ShowMeDo

ShowMeDo is a relatively new website that is all about videos by the people, for the people as they put it. It’s not the normal kind of videos you find on sites like YouTube, but videos that teach you something.

The site currently has seven categories that list tutorial videos you can watch: Python, Java, Ruby, Linux, Blender, Screencasting, and Other. The biggest category is the Other category, which will probably be the most interesting category for anyone who is not interested in programming, Linux and 3d.

I know you would like some sample videos that you can find on ShowMeDo, here we go. I pick three at random: Introduction to WordPress, Basic Car Maintenance, and The Perfect Cup of Coffee. As you can see, they offer tech-related video tutorials as well as “real life” tutorials. Playing a video works the same way it does on YouTube, just click the link, the video loads, and hit play on the video to start it. If YouTube works for you, ShowMeDo will too.

Like I said earlier, it’s a relatively new website, which means they don’t have millions of videos. It also takes more time for users to create video tutorials as you can imagine. The ShowMeDo wiki has a (written) tutorial that explains in detail how to create videos that can be uploaded to ShowMeDo – why not share your knowledge if you’re good at something?

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You can request tutorials on a certain topic. Users can vote on which requests they are interested in, and while there is no guarantee that it will be believed, the chance is higher if a request receives a lot of votes from the community.

You still need someone to respond to your request, so don’t start with something like the theory of relativity. I guess the basic stuff works best here.

If ShowMeDo manages to gain some momentum and exposure on the internet, it will surely make its way as a great niche movie website that can survive amongst the big players. found in donation encoder

To update: The website has improved a lot in recent times. It shows popular categories, for example programming for beginners and popular topics, Python, Ruby or Django, on the front.

However, it appears that the site hasn’t been updated for some time, with the last news entry dating back to 2010.

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