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Free Room Decoration Simulator

Planning the decoration is not such a simple task, after all, several points need to be considered to put together a project. Keeping in mind the furniture that matches the floor and wall is not always enough to get good results and that’s why we’re going to teach you how to do a Free Environment Decoration Simulation so that you can better plan your renovation.

Before architects and decorators used paper and pencil to plan, but now the techniques for drawing the floor plan have been innovated. In addition to software that allows planning the interior and exterior of the house with 3D resources, it is also possible to find free environment simulators on the internet.

Having the simulation, it is easier to combine the elements and find an ideal proportion in each room of the house. In addition to changing furniture places through tests, the user is also free to change colors, prints and materials. Actually the available tools depend on each simulator.

Some companies that work in the field of decoration or construction usually offer online simulators as a means of increasing consumer access to products, even before purchase. This is a great opportunity to test combinations according to the characteristics of each room in your home.

What this article covers:

Free Online Decorating Simulation Programs


Mooble’s COMPLETE Decoration tool allows you to create the environment with columns, wall style (screen, panel, etc.) and many other features.

In addition, you can choose different settings, check out the list of options you will have:

  • Environment Layout
  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Lights
  • decor
  • Furniture

In this way, this is the most complete APP available today on the internet, you can create everything the way you want.

To use the tool, simply access planner.mooble.com and start by choosing Layout, where the environment you have in your home will be and so on.

3D simulator

3d simulator

Here you choose the environment you want to do the 3D simulation. Choose from options so you can simplify and streamline:

  • facades
  • Rooms
  • offices
  • bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • bedrooms
  • Create Environment (Create the environment the way you want)

Login HERE to do the 3D decoration simulation.

To simulate it is simple:

  1. Choose the environment you want to run the simulation;
  2. To visualize the environment, use the mouse and rotate it the way you want;
  3. You can delete objects such as dining table, sofa, coffee table and all others that come in the default layout, click to select and click on the trash can;
  4. Choose the object you want to preview how it looks.

choose object

Simulate suvinyl

It is common for people to be in doubt when changing the color of environments, after all, there are many paint possibilities offered by the main brands. Suvinil, leader in its segment in Brazil, has an advanced simulation resource, which allows you to try out all the colors in the catalog in different rooms.

Suvinil decoration simulator

Users of the Suvinil simulator are free to change the colors of internal and external environments, innovating the appearance of areas such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and facades. He can still register on the site to wait for his creations. Another advantage of the simulation program is that wall color changes can be done on a real photo of the house.

Access the website of Suvinyl and try it.

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