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Free popular CNH in Ceará: understand the criteria

The governor of the state of Ceará, Camilo Santana, officially announced during a live this Wednesday (10/13), the 2021 National Popular Wallet Program, which is expected to serve up to 25,000 people.

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The popular CNH project, in force in the state for a few years, has already qualified 139,000 people in Ceará, and this year 20,000 licenses are reserved for the interior and 5,000 for Fortaleza, which according to the governor will be delivered by 2022.

What this article covers:

The State adopts some criteria to select people who are interested in applying for the popular CNH, and individuals who meet any of these can apply for the program.

  • Disabled people;
  • Bolsa Família beneficiaries;
  • People Egressed from the Penitentiary System.

Since 2009, the popular CNH program has been taking place in Ceará, and enables low-income people to have free access to their first driver’s license, whether in category A (motorcycle) or category B (car). It is important to point out that the registration of interested parties that fit the criteria is only done through the official website of the Detran CE??

Enrollment in the National Program for Popular Qualification of Ceará is done through a process on the website of the Detran EC. Candidates for the vacancy must click on “Popular CNH” and follow the steps below:

  • First access: choose the form “first license”;
  • Inform CPF and then confirm, fill out the form with contact and profession data;
  • The next step is to attach the documents (CPF, Identity, NIS and proof of residence);
  • After confirming the registration, the request will be analyzed by a committee, and the interested party will be able to follow the request through the Detran website;
  • The status of the registration can be informed by the applicant’s e-mail and also through the Detran website. The site provides a follow-up screen so that users are aware of the progress of the order.

By following all these steps, citizens will be able to request their participation in the National Popular Card Program.

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