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Frederik Oldenburg from Exatlón would invite Adamari López to sweat the fat drop

Frederik Oldenburg, presenter of the Telemundo competition Exatlón Estados Unidos.

Photo: Telemundo. / Courtesy

Exatlón United States All Stars has reached its season finale and the very driver of the high-performance competition, Frederik Oldenburggave us his vision of this great final and even confessed that he would love to take several celebrities to the arena to participate and one of them would be the star of Telemundo, Adamari Lopez. The same that she had already attended as a special guest at the location.

Two women and two men will give everything for everything in the final of Exatlón United States All Stars, where the chain Telemundo will distribute between the two winners $400,000 this Monday, January 16 at 7PM/6C. the venezuelan Frederik Oldenburg He told us about the secrets behind the scenes, the challenges and even the most difficult circuits that took place this season. We also asked him who he would rescue from those who have already left the competition and even how fun it would be to have several famous colleagues like the star of Today, Adamari Lopezliterally sweating the fat drop in a competition like this.

Own Frederik Oldenburg, who also has all the possible credibility to speak in sports terms, being in addition to being a host, a former athlete and a communicator on the subject, said that he had already commented among the friends of the channel to organize something and to be able to carry out some physical resistance competition. Without a doubt, the Venezuelan said that he would love to see Hector Sandarti Already Adamari Lopez if he had to choose an “All Stars” him. Let’s remember that La Chaparrita had already been in the arena.

Frederick’s success

Oldenburg has managed, like the participants, to earn the charisma and respect of thousands of viewers in the United States. Coming from sports, he emigrated from his native Venezuela 12 years ago and never returned. However, his heart, humility and nobility have made him contribute his bit from his trenches.

When I mentioned about his country and if he has a project to carry out in it, he preferred, like many Venezuelans, not to comment at this time on Venezuela. The massive exodus from that country in recent years and the migratory crisis that country is currently experiencing is no secret. Frederick Oldenburg decided not to delve into details from any point of view.

What is true is that he represents pride for that country by leading one of the most important competitions on Hispanic television in the United States. This is not to mention that he has also managed to win the affection of colleagues and managers of a chain as important as it is. Telemundo.

Exatlón All Stars says goodbye to this season

15 weeks were the ones that the participants of Exathlon All Stars to be defined want are the two women and the two men who will pass at the end. Monday, January 16 is the day the winners will take home that $200,000. Those 4 places will be defined this Sunday the 15th.

Alondra González, Chuy Almada, Caterine Ibargüen, Denisse Novoa, Jeyvier Cintrón, Jonny Magallón, Kelvin Rentería, Yamilet Peña, Yoridan Martínez Y vivian michel they will be debated and give the best possible performance in this penultimate installment of a competition that kept us on the edge of the seat for several months.

You can see Exatlon United States All Stars through the Telemundo signal at 7pm/6calso follow him through the app Telemundo that you can download in Google Play Store and in Apple Store or see visit the site online Telemundo.com.

The social networks of Exatlón United States are:
Instagram @ExatlonEstadosUnidos
Twitter @ExatlonTVEEUU

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