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Frederik Oldenburg declares his love to Carmen Villalobos and thanks her for a “magical night”

Carmen Villalobos declares herself in love

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The host of the athletic competition program Exatlón Estados Unidos, from Telemundo, Frederik Oldenburg, celebrated his birthday with actress Carmen Villalobos, to whom he declared his love and thanked her for the celebration in Cartagena.

In a photo gallery that the Venezuelan artist uploaded on his Instagram profileassured that they had spent “a magical night” and to the surprise of many, in the message he wrote an “I love you” dedicated to the actress.

But the thing did not stop there, because the beloved actress did not miss the special publication and responded in the comments.

“May you continue to fulfill them very happy love ❤️! I love you!!!”

Wrote Villalobos in the comments

Screenshot on Instagram

The detractors did not wait

Criticism in the publication came with Carmen’s statement that Six months ago, she announced that she and Sebastián Caicedo were getting a divorce. Internet users have even asked the Colombian “How long can it take to love?” How to post it now.

“I want to learn to say I love you in such a short time”; “8 days. I already love you”; “Very cute, yes, but how long does it take to say I love you? It’s not being negative or bad vibes but seriously love is professed like that so fast?????; “In a short time, marriage and then divorce”, are some of the comments that question the feelings that the couple professes on social networks.

It also rains support for the new relationship of Carmen Villalobos

While some say they do not agree, others have expressed their support for the actress from “Without Breasts if There is Paradise” and are happy to see her happy in this new love relationship.

Among the comments on Frederik Oldenburg’s post, there are those who say that in a short time feelings can be born and reject the accusations towards Carmen; while they question why they don’t attack her ex-husband that she also has a new relationship.

“Why be questioning how soon or how late to say ‘I love you’? 🤷🏻‍♀️Just because she’s a woman… because I haven’t seen them questioning her ex-husband now that she also has a new relationship. Who are you to be involved in questions that are not her concern? I really do not understand live and let live ”, says one of the comments.

Carmen made the official publication

To congratulate your new love, Villalobos had published in the early hours of February 3 a carousel of photographs together with Frederik Oldenburg in which he confirmed the relationship.

The publication was accompanied by a message that began with “Today is the most important day since we started dating”; and that led to a declaration of love that she described as: “TOTALLY INCREDIBLE and WONDERFUL”.

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