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Francisca shows off how she plays with her new hair

Francisca shows off her hair.

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Francisca boasts in “Despierta América” ​​how he plays with his new hair… Since she made the decision to be free from prejudice, to stop punishing her hair, with which she was bullied and bullied since she was little, the presenter discovered a different way to start the day.

I eat? Knowing what her hair will teach her again, the one that was cut on December 5, live, with the help of her friend Jomari Goyso, and with the intention of reconciling with herself and understand that her curly hair is as or more beautiful than the straight one that she has wanted to invent all these years.

As they said from the beginning, It was not a change of look, but to remove everything that had been mistreated with the straightening and the products that I had used since I was 11 years old.and start over, falling in love little by little, and as she grew older, with her curls.

One of my biggest fears and complexes has been my hair, I grew up feeling uglyI felt that I had to get closer to the beauty stereotype, they could allow me to feel pretty for a while… At the age of 11 I asked my mom to give me a hair straightener because I didn’t want to have ‘bad hair’‘” Francisca said at the time.

And so it is doing from how it was that day to today his hair was changing and letting him try different ways of understanding it and even respect it. Like when he decides to be a little more to the side, with a frizz falling on his forehead or on the side of his ears, or like today.

Francisca shared on her Instagram account that as she grows, she can do different hairstyles. This morning she put on a few small arrangements on each side which had an effect that for many, including her partner Jessi Rodríguez, looked very similar to Halle Berry..

It is not the first time that since Francisca got this haircut, she has been compared to one of the most beloved and sexiest actresses in Hollywood such as Berry, not only because of how her hair looks -although Halle now wears it blonde-, but also because of the shape of her face. Being both actresses, who knows if at some point we can see them working together.



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