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Francisca poses very smiling and in a mini skirt with the actress Dania Ramírez

A new day, a new broadcast of the morning show ‘Despierta América’ and this Wednesday was graced by the presence of actress Dania Ramírez, who in the company of the host Francisca delighted the pupil of the public through a photograph that soon went around social networks.

It was through her official Instagram account that the television presenter gave a taste of the guest who arrived at the morning show. For it, He opted for a fun image in which they are seen hugging and very smiling.

In addition to drawing attention to the positive vibes that both radiate, the celebrities unleashed a wave of compliments thanks to the stunning outfits they wore for the occasion.

In Francisca’s case it was about a red wool sweater that she paired with a tight white mini skirt that hugged her hips and highlighted her hourglass figure. White ankle boots and long earrings were the perfect complement to the look.

For her part, Dania Ramírez wore a tight nude-colored dress that highlighted the tan of her skin and that she combined with animal print heels.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that one of the presenter’s publications has unleashed a furor on social networks, as the famous recently boasted the attributes that God gave her in a postcard that also showed her passion for fashion.

On that occasion, Francisca rocked a black dress and knee-high boots that she accompanied with an oversized animal print blazer, incredible!

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