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Francisca from Despierta América showed her thighs up and the length of her hair

Francisca from Despierta América at the 2015 Youth Awards.

Photo: John Parra. /Getty Images

Fresh, beautiful and modern! This is what the star of Univision and every morning in Despierta América looks like, Franciscawho not only continues to build muscle with his diet and workouts but also continues to wait for him to your hair grows with its natural appearance.

With a very short dress and leaving her thighs visible, accompanied by sexy high leather boots, Francisca (no longer Lachapel but still from Despierta América), showed off her legs all the way up to her thighs and what it unleashed was a collective euphoria in his account instagram. Of course, her hair has not gone unnoticed.

While some have told the Dominican that it looks spectacular on her, others have made it clear that they don’t like it one bit. But, taking into account the humiliations and mockery that she has said Francisca what they did to her in her childhood and in her youth for her hair… it is almost impossible for those criticisms to take her out of her peace today.

“You are beautiful but I don’t like your look now”, is just one of the many messages that Francisca has received daily when sale with her short hair and afro style every morning in Wake up America. However, she herself states that she has had to be very patient to wait to see the results she wants.

Jomari Goyso supports Francisca

It was precisely his great friend, the Spanish fashionista, who helped Francisca to feel confident in taking this big step. There in front of all the viewers and colleagues of Univision, the former Our Latin Beauty, she gradually shed her fears, insecurities, the bullying she suffered and her hair. She cut it off.

Now she wears her wavy hair short and, according to information that we have been told, she intends to wear it long or in the form of an afro or with a lot of volume that she is already lucky enough to have in her genes. That is why she has talked a lot about arming herself with patience in the process that grows and recovers her hair.

It seems to us that with long or short hair, straight or straight and even blonde, Francisca is one of the latin women most beautiful entertainment Hispanic entertainment. We leave you these photos that prove it.

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