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Francisca and the ‘total red look’ with which she made Instagram tremble

Francisca Lachapel, presenter of Despierta América.

Photo: Rob Kim. /Getty Images

After having bared her soul in front of the public and saying goodbye to her hair in the middle of the broadcast of ‘Despierta América’, Francisca did her thing again, giving something to talk about her most recent look. Here we tell you the details!

From her official Instagram profile, the television presenter delighted the pupil of his public by letting himself be seen in a monochrome outfit and adjusted that outlined the curves of her body.

It was red leather pants at the waist that she accompanied with a long-sleeved blouse of the same color. As for the accessories, Francisca opted for a giant golden hoop earrings that complemented the tan of her skin.

In addition to showing off her wasp waist, the host of “Despierta América” ​​took advantage of the attention her publication received to send a motivational message to her digital community: “Looking ahead is the right path. Always! ”, She reads next to the image.

The comments section was not long in filling with likes and comments in which the compliments to the beauty of the famous stood out. “I love RED FIRE”; “I loved your outfit today you look beautiful with strong colors and even more if you have a high neck so your beautiful cut stands out” and “Very pretty”, are some of the messages that are read on the network.

We cannot ignore the fact that Francisca has given a lot to talk about thanks to the radical change of look that she underwent in full transmission of the morning program in which she serves as a presenter. Let’s remember that she decided to get rid of her long black hair and rock a new cut that helped her “heal wounds from the past.”

“Thank you to those who understood the message of the importance of embracing our identity. Thank you for all the beautiful words with which you have embraced me in the last few hours.
As I said yesterday, it is not a change of look, it was a reconciliation with my past, embracing my scars to move on, more secure and confident“, he wrote in the Instagram post with which he revealed his transformation.

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