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Four out of ten Swedes find love on holiday

Valentine’s Day is upon us and many people may be planning to do something special with their better half. But how romantic are the Swedes when they are away on holiday? Apollo has researched what the Swedes’ love lives look like, something that shows that the Swedes both find love during the holidays, and have more sex.

Flirting, short romance or relationship. The Swedes seem to have no problem with a chance for romance during the holidays. A full 39 percent state that they have met love during the holiday trip. 24 percent in the 56-65 age group state that they have met love on vacation once, while 13 percent of 26-35 year olds state that it has happened several times.

According to the Swedes, the place with the greatest chance of meeting love is in the hotel bar or in town. Among the men, it is the hotel bar that offers the most love, while the women believe that it is in the city that they have met their love. Even the beach seems, according to the Swedes, to be a popular place to meet your next fling.

More sex during the holidays

Swedes agree that love spreads during the holidays. As many as four out of ten Swedes believe that they have more sex with their partner during the holidays. It is most common in the 26-35 age group. There, a majority, a whopping 51 percent, answer that they have more sex during the holidays than at home.

The survey also shows that the Danes are more sexually active than the respondents in our Nordic neighboring countries. When asked “do you and your partner have more sex on holiday than at home”, only 5 percent of Danes answered that they are not sexually active. In Sweden and Norway, 16 percent give the same answer, and in Finland, 14 percent of the respondents are not sexually active.

Top list: Here you will find love on holiday according to the Swedes

1. The hotel bar/ in town

2. On the beach

3. At the restaurant

4. By the pool

5. On the dating app

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