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four movies and shows inspired by British royalty • ENTER.CO

The life of British royalty is fascinating. We are not just talking about the documentaries, but about the very stories they have inspired. There is an elegance, mystery, and criticism that comes with the crown. And, if anything, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in UK history, only seems to have piqued the interest of many for a history lesson.

At ENTER.CO we have prepared a selection of four recommended ones that you should see if you have the class to learn more about the monarchy. God save the queen and our selection of movies and series inspired by British royalty.

The Crown

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Available on Netflix / five seasons.

We have to start with the obvious, because it is the mandatory inclusion in any such list. The first reason is because there are few semi-bibliographic streaming shows that exist dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II. The second reason is because in terms of quality, few things are as exceptional.

The Crown chronicles the queen’s life from her earliest days, to modern times. And the first caveat is that this is a fairly fictionalized version when it comes to certain events. But what this allows is that in addition to being a fascinating show about one of the key figures of the last century, it is also an unmissable drama.

The king’s speech

Movie available on HBO Max

Winner of the Oscar for best film of 2011, as well as the statuette for best actor, director and original screenplay. There are reasons to watch The King’s Speech, especially now that it’s streaming. The film stars King George VI, who due to his stutter has had constant problems in the speeches he gives to his audience. Something that seems more and more urgent as the atmosphere of war increases.

The King, convinced by his wife, makes the decision to go to Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist to help him treat his illness. Despite his unorthodox methods, Logue manages to discover the deeper causes of the king’s problem and a strange relationship is created between the two, within the rigidity of the English monarchy.

The Royal House of Windsor

Documentary available on Netflix

But maybe what you want is a little more reality. And Netflix is ​​streaming perhaps one of the best documentaries on the royal family: The Royal House of Windsor is a detailed journey in six episodes that summarizes the most important events in the last 100 years of the royal family: from the abdicate from Edward VIII to the frequent clashes between Prince Charles and his mother Queen Elizabeth.

An excellent narration, good data and a route designed so that fans of history and those most curious can follow it. If your goal is to be able to understand some of the events that will occur in the coming months, this documentary may be your best option for an express class of British royalty.


Not available through streaming platforms in Colombia.

Although this movie is not available for streaming, it is one of those obvious choices that cannot be missed. The Queen not only features the brilliant performance of Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II. The story takes place in one of the most chaotic moments of the monarch’s reign: the day after Princess Diana dies in a car accident. The tape, then, is responsible for portraying the reaction of the crown, but mainly the way in which Elizabeth had to deal with this media storm.

Images: Netflix

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