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Foundations for dry skin: our top 5

Do you have difficult skin and never know what foundation to buy for a radiant complexion? We’ve rounded up some of the best foundations for dry skin.

As with cosmetics, there are also specific products for each skin type in make-up. And in this sense, adequate bases for a oily skinwill not be the same foundations for dry skinsince different skins have different needs.

So, if you have dry skin and are looking for the ideal foundation, know that it’s best to bet on one with a moisturizing formula that, in addition to covering imperfections, will leave your skin nourished and beautiful throughout the day.

Fortunately, these days there are foundations for everyone, regardless of budget. That’s why, and because we want you to feel even better about the reflection that the mirror gives you, we’ve put together the best foundations for dry skin in this article. Discover them and say hello to a luminous, flawless face.

Foundations for dry skin: the 5 you really have to try


Accord Parfait, L’Oréal

Accord Parfait foundation, L’oréal

With a formula with ultra-fine pigments and a creamy texture, the L’oréal Accord Parfait foundation blends easily with the skin, resulting in an even complexion without imperfections, but with a very natural appearance that does not “weigh down” .
It is a comfortable foundation that, being fluid, suits the needs of dry skin.



Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation by Chanel

The Vitalumière Aqua foundation by Chanel is indeed one of the best foundations for dry skin. Promising 8 hours of coverage with continuous hydration, it has in its composition hyaluronic acid, lotus water and a derivative of seaweed that help to hydrate the face while giving it vitality.


rimmel foundation

Base Lasting finish, Rimmel

Known to be a “darling” among beauty gurus, this is one of the foundations for dry skin that provides comfort and hydration throughout the day.
This is because its oil-free formula has been enriched with serum, which results in a high-coverage moisturizing foundation that is light on the face and perfectly suited to dry skin.


Supermarket foundations for make-up

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Bobbi Brown foundation with serum

bobby brown foundation

bobbi brown foundation

This is a hybrid foundation that combines the benefits and fluidity of a serum with the color-correcting and complexion-evening properties of a foundation.
The result is beautiful, flawless skin that stays hydrated throughout the day. And the best: it’s also antioxidant.



Youth Liberator, Yves Saint Laurent

foundation yves saint laurent

Base Youth Liberator, YSL

Yves Saint Laurent’s serum foundation, Youth Liberator, is also perfect for providing hydration to dry skin while evening it out. In this sense, this foundation transforms the texture of the skin, leaving it smoother and more homogeneous.
As it has anti-aging active ingredients, it is a foundation that not only leaves the skin looking radiant, but treats it throughout the day.


Now that you know the best foundations for dry skin, there are no more excuses for not having the dream complexion you were looking for.

But, remember that although foundations are excellent allies for evening out and correcting imperfections, you have to maintain a consistent skin care routine, so that you can have the princess skin you’ve always dreamed of.

So, don’t forget that when you get home, it’s important to completely remove make-up, wash your face very well, tone and hydrate your skin, with products specific to your skin type. Everything so that the complexion remains beautiful, cared for and fresh.

Ready to have the even skin you’ve always dreamed of?

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