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Former Rayados de Monterrey player will play in Gerard Piqué’s Kings League

Gerard Piqué’s Kings League is gaining more and more popularity and level. Now a former Rayados de Monterrey player will join the Aniquiladores FC team, as reported by Juan Granizo, a Colombian streamer who leads the Aniquiladores team.

Guarnizo explained that the Rayados de Monterrey player will probably arrive for the sixth or seventh season of the Kings League that has captured thousands of users after the controversy between Gerard Piqué and Shakira.

Juanito, as he is known in his streams, is a Colombian Youtuber, but he lives in the city of Monterrey, so he has a good relationship with the Rayados team.

The name of the former Monterrey soccer player it will be kept secret until the day it debuts, but its participation with the streamers league team is assured.

The Kings League allows teams to have a 12th player in every game, no matter who it is., as long as it is authorized by each of the groups. The coach of this team is Sergio Varidame, who wore the Cruz Azul, Colo-Colo or Colón jerseys and won a Copa Libertadores.

The Anniquiladores FC team has 2 wins and 2 losses in the first 4 matches of the tournament. After 11 games, the 4 best teams will qualify for the Final Four that will be held at the Camp Nou and is expected to receive thousands of fans.

The team leading the table are Saiyans FC from streamer TheGrefg, Porcinos FC from streamer Ibai Llanos and Ultimate Móstoles from Dj Mario. Every weekend the matches of the day are played and broadcast on Twitch and YouTube.

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