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Former Philadelphia Eagles captain Chris Maragos wins $43.5 million medical malpractice lawsuit

Chris Maragos was removed from the courts due to injury at the age of 31.

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Former Philadelphia Eagles captain Chris Maragos won a $43.5 million lawsuit alleging negligence by the former franchise doctor and an outside medicine firm. Those involved were James Bradley, who worked as a surgeon in Philadelphia and who was found 67% guilty and sued for $29.2 million dollars and the firm Rothman Orthopedics would be responsible for the other 33% and sued for a total of $14.3 million dollars.

This case and this jury may have changed the course of history, now forcing team doctors and coaches to start worrying about when a player might play again and start thinking about the next 50 years of a player’s life. athletesaid Dion G. Rassias, attorney for Chris Maragos.

The injury that prematurely removed Chris Maragos from the courts

Chris Maragos was removed from the courts due to an injury that was initially treated as a meniscus tearwhich according to the representatives of Maragos was not treated properly and the fact of advancing in an accelerated rehabilitation would have caused further damage to his knee.

The injury that caused Chris Maragos to retire prematurely at the age of 31 from the courts, It occurred in a game between the Eagles and the Carolina Panthers on October 12, 2017.. The injury was initially diagnosed as a posterior cruciate ligament tear that occurred in the right knee.

Defendant’s defense speaks

James Bradley’s attorney, John C. Conti, disagreed with the aforementioned ruling, calling it ill-founded. “This lawsuit involved orthopedic sports medicine at the highest professional level.“Conti said in an interview with CNN. “It would seem to be the height of folly to change NFL practices in such an ill-founded decision.“, he reiterated.

On Sunday, my team played in the Super Bowl, and I could only watch and wonder if I could have been there with them, if I had received proper medical attention.“Chris Maragos said about the participation of the Philadelphia Eagles through a statement.

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