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Former Menudo, Johnny Lozada, celebrates his birthday while on tour

Johnny Lozada attends the premiere of “Menudo Forever Young”

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Johnny Lozada Correaformerly of Menudo, is celebrating his 55th birthday today and he does so while on a musical tour.

Lozada was born on December 21, 1967 in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico.

He was part of the Menudo group and then joined Proyecto M, years later He started his career as a soloist.


He began to be part of the Menudo group from 1978 to 1984. For six years he was part of the youth group that at the time was the most famous in Latin America.

That year 84 when he left Menudo, he was replaced by Robby Rosa. After leaving the group he decided to take a year off.

After that period came his first hit as a soloist, the song “Gitano”, which he released to early 1985.

That same year he collaborated with the American Mexican singer, Tatiana. “When we get together, when we will be together” and “Stop” were the themes.

In 1992 he married Sandy Melendez, his current wife. Four children have emerged from these 30 years together. He has an adopted son named Felipe Lozada.

Stage as a TV presenter

In 2010 Johnny Lozada was part of the Sal y Pimienta program and after a couple of seasons he left the show to debut as a presenter on “Despierta América”.

In 2016 he announced that he would leave this program and a few months later he joined the cast of Pequeños Gigantes Estados Unidos. E2018 joined the Lo Sé Todo program, replacing Pedro Juan Figueroa.

birthday on tour

Currently, former Menudo Johnny Lozada, Miguel Cancel and Ricky Meléndez have come together to offer a concert tour.

They have recently performed in Peru, Colombia, Miami and Venezuela, all to full houses, already starting to dance. remember your fans.

Right now, his next event will be on February 25 of next year at the Coca-Cola Music Hall, in a concert called: “Subete a Mi Moto tour y William Davila.

The idea of ​​this concert and for whom the event is held is thanks to José “Pepe” Dueño, who manages the new concept of Ex Menudo.

Guillermo Davila, A querendón from Puerto Rico, he has a fan base here that attends each one of his presentations, just like the boys from the Súbete a Mi Moto tour. Remembering the successes of both in a single concert seems to me a unique and unrepeatable show. We are sure that the public is going to enjoy it a lot”, said Dueño.

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