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Former employee sues NFL Films for having a database of inappropriate images of cheerleaders and fans

Victoria Russell, a former NFL employee, filed a lawsuit alleging that NFL Films, the department that handles the league’s videos and photos, has a database of images of women showing the buttocks and breasts of cheerleaders and fans.

An NFL spokesperson said suggestive images will not be used in videos and league content to prevent future sharing.

Russell worked in the NFL from 2018 to 2022 in the Human Resources department in which he started lawsuits on various grounds. In one of them, she alleged that she was denied the rights to salary increases because she is an Afro-descendant woman.

But another of his complaints was about the NFL Films department in which they keep a bank of videos and photographs to publish and make content throughout the season.

The Wall Street Journal portal detailed that the plaintiff discovered “a record of a chat room that tracked the timestamps of NFL recordings.” and associated them with sexualized and offensive descriptions of the women who appeared in those recordings.

Russell reported that the NFL’s content department had tapes titled as “Cheerleader Butt”, “Cheerleader Butt”, “Bikini Fan”, “Naughty Camerawork”, “cheerleader breasts close-up”, “cleavage shot”, “hung shot” or “random women cleavage shot”.

Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the NFL, indicated that this category of images was separated so that it would not be used in later productions. “Ms. Russell did not have credentials for the registration system, nor did any aspect of their responsibilities involve accessing the recordings.”

“Those frames are registered as ‘sensitive’ so they can be withdrawn from circulation.which means they will not be accessible to employees whose job it is to locate images for productions,” he said.

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