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For the third consecutive year, Juan Carlos I celebrates his birthday outside of Spain

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Juan Carlos Iformer King of Spain, is arriving today, January 5, at 85 years of age.

He is the son of the marriage between Juan de Borbón y Battenberg, Count of Barcelona, ​​and María de las Mercedes de Borbón y Orleans. He was born in Rome in 1938.

This birthday, as it has been the last two, the held outside Spanish territory

He was in the crown from 1975 until June 18, 2014, when he abdicated the Crown in his son, Felipe VI.

after his resignationcontinues to use the title of king, but with an honorary character, maintaining the treatment of “majesty”.

He also became the captain general of the Reserve Armed Forces, but without exercising constitutional functions.

His reign began with a solemn proclamation, by the Francoist Cortes, on November 22, 1975. This two days after the death Francisco Franco.

In accordance with the Law of Succession in the Headquarters of State of 1947 and the Law of July 22, 169, his father, Juan de Borbón, legitimate heir to the throne of Spain, described this law as a “monstrous monster”, and did not renounce to your rights dynastic until 1977.

The Magna Carta of Spain it explicitly recognizes his person as King of Spain and legitimate heir to the historic Bourbon dynasty.

But before his proclamation, due to Franco’s delicate health, he had performed intermittently in interim functions of the State Headquarters.


The previous Spanish monarch is in Abu Dhabiwhere he has remained since August 2020 due to the controversy caused by his alleged irregular business abroad.

According to people linked to him, he is “very well physically and morally” . The emeritus king celebrates his birthday with no clue as to when he could star in his second trip to Spanish soil, after the one he made last May.

This caused discomfort to Spanish government for his behavior during the days he was in the country and for not showing remorse for his previous conduct.

This visit took place two and a half months after the Spanish prosecutor’s office closed the investigation against him.

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