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For the tenth year, JavaScript is crowned the most used language in the world • ENTER.CO

Stack Overflow is a portal used by millions of developers around the world to share their doubts, solutions and knowledge about software and programming. The platform, which annually publishes a study on the preferences of members of the tech industry when creating code, launched its 2022 edition this week. The study, which took into account the response of 73,268 developers from 180 countries, revealed that online learning of programming has increased by up to 70% and that, although there are more and more established languages, JavaScript is still the most used and most popular.

According to the study, while JavaScript remains about the same level as HTML/CSS and Python for beginners, at least 65% of professional developers said that today (and for the 10th year in a row), the language What they use the most to program is JavaScript. Following in the list are HTML/CSS at 55%, SQL at 49%, Python at 48%, and TypeScript at 34.8%.

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The result of the annual Stack Overflow report coincides with that of other studies. The one that SlashData revealed in the second half of 2021 showed that more than 16.4 million developers used JavaScript: a number that gave that language a significant advantage over others.

However, the above does not mean that JavaScript is necessarily the language most loved by programmers. In this aspect, which was understood under the concept of preference, Rust got 87% of the answers.

The current study also took into account aspects related to the quality of life and the way of working of those who are part of the tech industry, and although most of the responses focused on countries such as the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany In the US and Canada, the trend revealed that, at least internationally, more than 50% of developers are working on a permanent, full-time contract, but only 14% are doing so in a fully face-to-face mode.

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