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For the first time in history! iPhone surpasses Android in the United States • ENTER.CO

It is no secret to anyone that Apple has a great presence worldwide, however, its cell phones have never managed to surpass Android cell phones…until now. From the Financial Times they report that, Americans prefer iPhone to Android. The analysis firm Counterpoint Research reported that Apple managed to overtake Android in American territory with a 50 percent presence in the country.

For the first time in history, there are more iPhones in use in the United States than any other smartphone. Said like this, currently (since last June) Apple has covered at least 50% of users in the United States. But, the company not only takes into account new cell phones, but also used iOS devices that have recently been purchased as well.

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And it is that, since the beginning of the iPhone, the phones had never achieved a market share close to 50 percent. In fact, at that time, Blackberry, Nokia and Morotola were the companies that dominated the smartphone market around the world. Two years later, in 2010, Android surpassed iOS by a fairly high percentage. Since then, the green android has not been lowered from the top of the best-selling cell phones, a company that has reached up to 70 percent of the market until this year.

But while Apple currently leads in the US, Google doesn’t have much to worry about. Since iPhone, although it did not have 50% of the market, it has always had a significant presence in the United States compared to other countries. Until now, Apple dominates the high-end smartphone market so far in 2022, with a representation of 57% in all sales. The company will most likely take advantage of this situation as argued by Jeff Fieldhack, director of research at Counterpoint: “This is a great milestone that we could see replicated in other prosperous countries around the world.”

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