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For now, there will be no sale of iPhone 14 in Colombia • ENTER.CO

Apple has already launched the iPhone 14, but the news is not so good for Colombia. For now, the new phone cannot be sold in our country and the alternatives to bring it on your own may not work. There are several obstacles that we explain here.

As everyone remembers, in July the 43rd Circuit Court of Bogotá prohibited the sale and marketing of iPhones and iPads that had 5G technology. Although in a note published by the newspaper El Espectador towards the end of the month it was reported that the company would appeal the decision, there is still no response to the case. And this is just the beginning.

Ericsson Lawsuit

The Ericsson company’s lawsuit is based on an infringement committed by Apple for this technology, which in the country is owned by the Ericsson company from 2019 to 2037. The court found that “Apple’s 5G iPhones and iPads violated claim 13 of Colombian patent no. NC2019/0003681, which has been declared essential for the 5G standard and was granted to Ericsson.”

For this reason, the company based in Cupertino, California, cannot market its new devices with 5G technology in Colombia, the same applies to distributors and customers on this measure. The legal dispute with Ericsson not only applies to Colombia, but in the United States the company with the bitten apple is accused of infringing at least 12 patents, after they ended their relationship in 2021. To resolve this lawsuit, Ericsson requests compensation of 5 dollars for each device sold with 5G technology, which Apple refuses.

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eSIM technology

Another big setback has to do with Apple’s announcement to implement eSIM technology in all its iPhone 14 devices. So, if you think you could import it from the United States and use it in Colombia, you might want to know that not everyone has this technology. telephone operators in our country. You could only contract with Claro or Movistar. Some reports state that the eSIM would apply only to devices that are marketed in the US, so you could think of markets like Europe and Mexico to import them. Given this, you should know that there are some difficulties.


Regardless of where you buy your iPhone 14, you will surely have to go through the device approval process as established in the current regulation. To do this, you will have to meet a series of requirements such as equipment specifications, the certificate of conformity issued by recognized certification bodies and complete the process online with the Communications Regulation Commission.

iPhone 14 Pro

5G network

If you manage to pass each of these filters and see that you can already use your iPhone 14 in Colombia, you are facing another reality, the 5G network as such. According to the process carried out by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, the 5G network is not yet available in Colombia, since the spectrum auction has not been carried out. Even if you manage to bring the iPhone 14, you will continue browsing with 4G speed where it is available in Colombia.

So, it means that until the legal mess with Ericsson is resolved, a ruling that Apple is appealing in Colombia, and as long as the conditions to bring it and homologate it in our country do not exist, buying an iPhone 14 will be complicated (or almost impossible ) for Colombians.

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