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For now, safe! Joker 2 will be released in 2024 • ENTER.CO

Right now no director who is working for Warner Bros should feel very calm. The most recent movements of the study indicate a tendency to cancel projects, regardless of how complete they are or how expected they are. And fans of the joker can rest easy because at least now we have a date for the premiere of Joker 2.

Be careful, the crime clown will return in 2024.

Unfortunately, apart from the release date we do not have any new information about the film. We know that Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator, Ella) and Todd Phillips will return to the tape. We also know his (temporary) name: Joker: Folie à deux.

This last point is important for several things. The first thing is that rumors seem to confirm that it refers to the appearance of Harley Queen, with the duo as protagonists of the sequel. In fact, it seems that the studio already has its sights on who it wants as this character: Lady Gaga.

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In fact, it seems that the tape precisely wants Gaga because the idea is that Joker 2 is some kind of ‘musical’. Again, all of these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt, considering that neither the studio nor Phillips have even confirmed that the sequel will feature Queen.

Considering the current state of the DCU and Warner projects, it’s best not to get too attached to the idea of ​​the project. The Joker movie grossed close to a billion dollars at the box office and won an Oscar in a major category. It is understandable why they are after a sequel. However, recent events have also given us to understand that the chaos within Warner does not guarantee that we will see the film.

Some people just want to watch the world burn, after all.

Images: Warner Pictures

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