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for a more sustainable Christmas

Goparity gift cards are the ideal gift for anyone who likes to combine good investments with sustainability.

In the Christmas rush, it’s not easy to choose a gift that is, at the same time, useful, unique and with a positive impact on the environment and on the life of those who receive it. Quite often, the opposite happens: the offer, impersonal and like so many others from Christmas past, ends up forgotten in a drawer.

How to choose, this Christmas, an unforgettable gift, with meaning and adapted to your budget? It’s time to meet the Goparity gift cardswhich allow those who receive them to invest in sustainable projects and earn income.

Goparity gift cards bring together two of the best gifts anyone can receive this Christmas: sustainability and financial return. Learn how to choose a gift that really makes a difference.

5 reasons to choose Goparit gift cardsy

Choose one Goparity gift card it is a right option for those who like innovative gifts with advantages for those who give and those who receive them. See why.

1. For all budgets

When it comes to offering investment, it may seem that this is an option only for those with high purchasing power.

However, as far as Goparity gift cards are concerned, it is a misperception. This is a gift that fits all budgets, as it is available from €5??

2. Small carbon footprint, big positive impact

To buy this gift, you don’t have to leave your house or spend hours in queues in traffic or checkouts at stores. No pollution or stress.

THE sustainability of Goparity gift cards starts right in the purchase process: simple, fast and online. That is, a small carbon footprint, but a big positive impact.

3. A gift that grows

How many gifts multiply? By offering a Goparity gift card, you are giving those who receive it the possibility of getting a return of 4% to 8% per year.

The promoters reimburse the capital invested with interest, so whoever invests will be making his money grow. Free of charge and without commissions.

4. Promotes financial literacy

Goparity gift cards are a good option to encourage younger generations to saving habits and the taste for investment.

At a time when financial literacy is increasingly important, this is a good way to start educating your children or grandchildren about these issues. And so you will be helping them to better prepare for the future.

5. Two years to invest

Goparity gift cards allow you to make a thoughtful choice of the projects you want to invest in.

As they can be used for two years on all Goparity investments, you have time to analyze all possibilities and select the ones you most identify with.

How Goparity gift cards work

Goparity is an investment platform focused on sustainable projects. By investing, you will be financing these projects through loans with a fixed interest rate, duration and payment frequency.

It only takes 5€ to invest none of the projects open for investmentthus helping to reach the total amount necessary for its implementation.

This Christmas, by choosing Goparity gift cards, you will be offering someone the possibility to support projects that contribute, for example, to reducing carbon emissions or creating jobs. And also the advantage of having a profitable investment, which multiplies the value of the initial offer.

How to buy Goparity gift cards?

It’s very easy to subscribe to Goparity gift cards and surprise one or several people with a gift that will certainly not be forgotten.

Just access the page dedicated to gift cards and fill in the fields with the recipient’s name and the amount you want to offer. In addition, you can also write a personalized message for the beneficiaries. To make the payment, use your debit or credit card.

Soon after, you will receive the gift card in your e-mail inbox to be able to download it. Afterwards, just send it to the recipient, the value of the gift card being automatically added to the wallet as soon as he registers using the respective link.

It’s just time to start taking care of your gift list, offering sustainability and profitability??

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