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For 4 zodiac signs August will be the most difficult month of 2022

Every time a new month begins, the energy of change is felt, for some zodiac signs the jump from July to August does not represent major effects, but according to astrological predictions there are signs that will have difficulty adapting so this month will be one of the most difficult of 2022.

August began with the unprecedented conjunction in Taurus of Mars, Uranus and the North Node, this aspect motivates us to move forward in the things that we have stagnant, free ourselves from limitations and make the necessary adjustments in our lives.

On August 9, Venus will form opposition with Pluto, the first is the planet of love and the second of transformation, therefore it is possible that toxic patterns will be revealed in relationships. Later, on Thursday the 11th, there will be a full moon in Aquarius, bringing with it new challenges.

On August 20, Mars will enter Gemini and could ignite unresolved conflicts. And finally, the new moon in Virgo on August 27 will encourage us to be practical and pragmatic in our next moves.

all this energy could affect more 4 signs of the zodiac who, according to StyleCaster.com, will find it more difficult to accept it and navigate between the astrological weather of August.

Taurus has been going through several changes and August is another month of great transformations, so it could overwhelm you with so many new things that you are receiving. It will be difficult for this sign to get used to his new reality because what he needs now is to feel safe where he is. You feel tired from having a lot of emotional burden on you, so it is the month to nurture yourself personally.

It is an intense month because is learning where its limits are located. Abrupt and sudden endings are expected in your life, so August will be the ideal month to let go of things that make you feel exhausted and invest your energy in what has long-term potential such as work or a relationship.

August will force you to recognize the limits of the person you love. Romantic relationships don’t have to take up 100% of your time, so it’s time to draw lines and learn to have your space before it’s too late.

It will be a month where you might experience some strains in your personal relationships. You will have to work harder to solve the problems that come your way. However, you must understand that not all relationships can be saved, so some will have to be left.

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