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Footballers chase and hit a referee in the Congo Women’s League: a penalty was not awarded in their favor

Soccer in Africa has boomed in recent years.

Photo: Paul Harding/Getty Images

Unusual image that has delivered a match of the Congo Women’s League. A group of footballers has furiously pursued the match referee to hit and assault himafter he refused to whistle a penalty apparently clear.

The fact has been known in the last hours but it dates from last February 15 in the Democratic Republic of Congo specifically in the Kibasa Stadium in Kenya in the province of Haut Katang.

The DC Motema Pembe footballers ran angrily after the engagement judge because he did not give them a free kick in the opposite small area (TP Mazembe), which seemed clear. In the viral video, it is observed how the 11 players, joined by those who were on the bench, run around the referee and manage to hit several blows against him.

In the end they manage to corner him in one of the stadium benches and they took turns hitting them. At that point also a couple of male members of the DC Motema Pembe coaching staff also joined in to continue the violence.

At the moment there have been no reactions from the institutions that govern world football, from FIFA downwards, but this will undoubtedly become a sad episode in the history of sport and especially women’s, which has broken so many barriers in the last few years to be respected and catch up with the male branch.

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