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Footballer from the seventh English category forgets about fair play with excessive mockery against the rival goalkeeper (Video)

Goalkeeper receiving a goal, referential photo.

Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Lewis Whitham, Guiseley footballer, made a highly criticized mockery against the rival goalkeeper after he was scored a shot from 12 stepsthe unfortunate event went viral and received countless criticisms through social networks because it is a gesture that clearly threatens fair play.

In the audiovisual you can see how Whitham mocks the opposing goalkeeper who was in a low spirits after receiving the goal against his team via the kick from the penalty mark. The footballer launched himself twice onto the pitch imitating the goalkeeper and finally ends up pointing it out. Immediately afterwards, the networks exploded and revealed that this was an inadmissible act in the world of football.

Guiseley, the team of the aforementioned footballer Lewis Whitham, ended up thrashing Stafford Rangers 4-0in play corresponding to the National League North, or what is the same, the seventh category of football in England.

Despite being a match of lower categories, the video has gone around the world and has caused widespread repudiation among soccer fans. As a curious fact, the main referee did not take any type of action to penalize the incident.

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