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Food chain Wolt follows Lidl – lowers prices

Earlier this week, Lidl announced that they will freeze and reduce the price of several items over the next two months. Now the food chain Wolt Markets is following their example, they write in a press release.

Photo: Wolt

It was on Wednesday this week that Lidl announced that from Monday 27 March they will have frozen and reduced prices on over a hundred goods – including coffee, milk and meat items – for at least two months.

According to the chain, the new prices will be an average of 11 percent lower than before, and some items will be as much as 32 percent cheaper.

Wants to benefit families with children

The rampant food prices in have become a hotly debated topic in recent months, not least when Sweden’s food prices have increased most in the north. Now yet another food chain has chosen to lower the prices of several items, according to a press release from Wolt.

The trading platform Wolt’s own chain of physical e-commerce stores, Wolt Markets, will also have reduced prices on many goods from Monday, March 27.

According to the chain – which is located in Örebro and Stockholm – there is one group that they particularly want to benefit from the new price reductions: families with children.

“From Wolt Market’s side, we want to help contribute and take our responsibility to make our cities a better place to live in, and therefore we are now implementing this powerful price reduction which we are especially targeting families with small children as they generally have high costs for food and other food products,” says Joachim Schwartzbach, CEO of Wolt Markets in Sweden.

The reduced prices apply for two months and include, for example, the entire range of diapers, where prices are reduced by 30 percent. In addition, the price of goods such as eggs, toilet paper, washing-up liquid and macaroni is reduced by 20 percent.

Examples of goods that are reduced in price

Eggs 6-pack M/L Free range – Star eggs
Turkish yogurt natural 10% 500g – Salakis
Toilet paper Maximeter Serla 4p
Barista oat drink 1l – Guarantee
Light margarine Omega 3 400g – Becel
Kungsörnen Old-fashioned Ideal macaroons 750g
Mutti Finely Crushed Tomatoes 400g
Granola Natural Axa 500g
Zeta Olive Oil Extra Virgin Classico 500ml
Colgate Toothpaste Total Whitening 75ml
Grumme Dishwashing liquid Natural 500ml
Gunry Soap Lemon Verbena 500ml

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