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Folding Door – Models and Photos

At Folding Door – Models and Photos they are an excellent option for those who have problems with little space and a common door requires, in addition to a larger space, more work in placement and costs much more than a folding PVC door. It is a type of door that is easy to clean and can be found in any building material store and the price may vary according to the model and size.

What this article covers:

Folding Door – Models and Photos

THE folding door is usually used in bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens where space is very tight and with custom-made furniture you can take advantage of all available spaces without having to worry about what happens with common doors that need at least 70 cm for the side where it opens. Although simple, the folding door can be a great option to improve the decoration of the environment, because there are doors of different colors that can be designed due to the material of the door, usually PVC.

Check now some folding door models available below:

  • Custom PVC accordion door

wood colors

Price: BRL 52.00

  • Custom PVC accordion door

plain colors

Price: BRL 48.00

  • Folding Door 2.10 x 0.60

imbuia color

Price: BRL 60.00

  • BCF Stained Glass Accordion Door

Many colors

Price: BRL 185.00

  • Folding Door Bcf Puntinato

Width 84 cm x 2.10 height

Price: BRL 85.00

  • Wooden accordion door

Average price of BRL 895.00

Benefits of folding doors:

  1. The folding door can be installed by yourself without the need for specialized labor,
  2. It takes up little space,
  3. It has a smooth opening and closing system;
  4. It is a door immune to termites, fungus and mold;
  5. Very easy to clean, just use are neutral and damp cloth;
  6. It has a varnish that protects the door against dust and UV rays, increasing its useful life.

That door model in addition to having the great advantage of taking up less space than normal doors, it has the great advantage of generally being cheaper than conventional doors.

Folding Doors – Wood and PVC

After learning about the qualities of a folding door and the benefits it brings to people’s health, keeping it intact against mold and bacteria, we came to the conclusion that folding doors are the best doors to be used in civil construction🇧🇷 Folding doors can be found in various models and colors to match each environment and can also be made to measure. The placement of the doors is done in a simple and practical way, without the usual breakage of common doors, without dirt and without stress, just a screwdriver and screws for its placement.

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