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Floyd Mayweather Jr. left nearly $200,000 worth of modifications for his Rolls Royce limousine

Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an LA Lakers game in the NBA.

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

The nickname ‘Money’ is no coincidence in a Floyd Mayweather Jr. accustomed to eccentricity and luxury. It turns out that the American boxer $200,000 was left to make modifications to his Rolls Royce limousine.

According to an article published by TMZ Sports, the improvement of this expensive vehicle had several aspects to highlight, such as the implementation of mink carpets (carnivorous mammal of the mustelid family) with a value of $44,000 dollars. In addition, Mayweather included in the reform of his car a 45-inch screen. A 2000-watt audio system and Wi-Fi system were also added to the rear.

A new engine with custom “TMT” wood interior was added in the transformation. To plug in this car exactly cost the 46-year-old boxer a whopping $180,000. To that amount would have to be added the $325,000 dollars that a Rolls Royce limousine costs starting from its base price, so Floyd would have already invested a million dollars in this car.

This practice has already been common in the Mayweather on other occasions, since it is not the first time that he spares no expense when it comes to giving an original touch to any of the cars in his collection. He some time ago he changed the upholstery of a baby seat in one of his Rolls Royces with mink fur. The small detail would have cost him nearly $20,000.

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