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Flowers for bridal bouquets: tips, photos

Wedding is a magical occasion in a woman’s life, but she has to worry about a series of preparations for everything to be perfect. Among the items that deserve attention, it is worth mentioning the choice of bridal bouquet🇧🇷

Roses are the favorite flowers of brides. (Photo: Disclosure)

the bouquet is a traditional element in wedding and it’s part of the bride’s look. During the party, the newlywed woman gathers a group of single women and throws the bouquet. Whoever catches it will be the next to get married.

What this article covers:

Tips for choosing a bridal bouquet

There are many types of bridal bouquets and to choose the ideal one, you need to consider some factors. Check out the following tips for making the choice:

• To choose the bouquetit is always necessary to think about the practical side and comfort;

• Before assembling a bouquet, it is recommended to know the symbology of flowers;

The bride’s biotype also influences the choice of bouquet. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Short brides must choose smaller bouquets and slightly rounded branches. Tall brides can bet on big bouquets and long;

• For the bouquet to acquire more personality, it is worth combining different species of flowers;

• It is important that the bouquet matches the bride’s dress. A classic outfit, for example, calls for a cascading branch;

• Balance must be maintained in the bride’s look, that is, if the dress is simple, then the bouquet can be more elaborate and vice versa;

Bouquet of wildflowers. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The time of year also influences the choice of bouquet. The bride should give preference to seasonal flowers to be easier to find and pay cheaper;

• They exist bouquets for all types of brides, including romantic, modern, classic or melancholic ones. Personal style needs to be taken into account when defining a bunch of flowers🇧🇷

Meanings of flowers in bouquets

In order to transform your wedding into an unforgettable event, it is important to know the best flowers for a bridal bouquet. Check out some suggestions below for species and their meanings🇧🇷

White or pink acacia: constancy and elegance;
Azalea: romance;
Glass of milk: happiness and purity;
Carnation: fertility
Chrysanthemum: passion;
Dandelion: life;
Field flowers: happiness;
Gerbera: joy;
Lily: luck and marriage;
Daisy: innocence;
Forget-me-not: sincere love;
Orchid: sensuality;
Tulip: love;
White rose: purity and peace;
Red rose: love and passion;
Champagne rose: reverence, admiration;
Pink rose: friendship and affection;
Pictures of flowers for bouquets

See below for a selection of flower pictures for bridal bouquets🇧🇷

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