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Flowers and plants indoors the indicated species

check out Flowers and plants indoors the indicated speciesđŸ‡§đŸ‡· Flowers and plants combine with any decor and bring that contact with nature that we so miss living in big cities or apartments. It is possible to choose the right type of plant for the interior of your home according to the characteristics of the place such as climate, lighting and frequency of care. There is types of plants for each type of environmentbe it house, apartment, office, office and etc.

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Flowers and indoor plants the indicated species – Each flower can match an environment in your home, azaleas for example are perfect for the living room (Photo: Disclosure)

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Flowers and plants indoors the indicated species

Fake flowers and plants never look the same as the real ones. For decoration, nothing better than fresh and well-chosen flowers. Even going to a flower shop, you need to know how to choose both for quality and for the appropriate species for the conditions that the plant will be offered. check below Flowers and plants indoors the indicated speciesđŸ‡§đŸ‡·

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Daisies need a bright environment

The chrysanthemum matches the kitchen, as long as the environment is well lit. This plant needs the warmth of sunlight. Daisies, sunflowers and anemones are the most famous types of this plant. The star plant also looks great in the kitchen, it is known as the “bird of paradise” and is perfect for composing arrangements. Even when cut, this flower is very lively and even attracts birds such as hummingbirds.

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The begonia combines with lightly shaded rooms, in the living room or bedrooms where there is little natural light. This plant usually pleases because it is very showy and has a long life. You find begonia in shades of white, red, orange and yellow. For the living room, the perfect flowers are azaleas or bromeliads, azaleas for airy and bright rooms, as for rooms with a predominance of shade, plants such as bromeliads are more recommended.

Hydrangeas in horizontal arrangements are beautiful decoration items for the bathroom (Photo: Disclosure)

Hydrangeas, orchids or violets are suitable for damp places like the bathroom. Violets make the bathroom more colorful, hydrangeas convey tranquility and calm and orchids give elegance to the environment. The peace lily is a joker plant, as it lives well in shady or bright environments. She is famous in oriental decoration techniques, as they attract positive energies. The peace lily does not resist the cold of the air conditioning or the excessive heat of the summer.

Flowers and plants tips when buying

In addition to checking Indoor flowers and plants the indicated species, need to know when buy the flowers and plants for decoration, choose the ones that don’t have yellowed, burnt or withered parts. Observe if the stem is firm and if the petals are still rigid. If you prefer the planted versions, buy pots that have loose soil, without a brittle appearance. Also check that there are no burned or dry leaves or any signs of pests or diseases. The ideal is always to research or talk to the supplier about the plant, the necessary care and the needs for light and nutrients (fertilizer).

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