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Flower arrangements: how to do it, tips

You flower arrangements: how to make, tips they are an alternative to decorate the house or any space for a special moment or even to make the environment lighter, more elegant and beautiful. After all, flowers fill places with joy and color. But to know how to make a flower arrangement like the ones flower shops, you need to follow some decorating techniques. Check out the tips on how to put together a bouquet of flowers!

Flower arrangements how to make, tips. (Image: Disclosure).

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Flower arrangements: how to do it, tips

Instead of buying a ready-made arrangement, which costs more, how about making your own? Follow the flower arrangement tips: how to, tips, to make your own flower decoration.

Flower arrangements can be made for any occasion, so the first step to follow is to think about the decoration style. Let’s start with the vase! And a good tip is to replace it with similar materials, since the crafted parts tend to be more expensive and, often, it’s not worth buying them separately. Have you ever thought that you can use empty wine bottles and various containers, such as metallized cans? It is possible to decorate each piece according to the decoration proposed for the occasion.

How to choose flowers?

There are many flower options to put together a beautiful arrangement. For this, see the environment, necessary care and harmonization. (Image: Disclosure).

To make a bouquet of flowers or a flower arrangement, think of the most varied possibilities of species that exist to compose the decoration. Tulips, lilies, roses, hydrangeas, orchids are the most popular combinations. In wedding parties, for example, they are often used with materials such as ribbons, straw, twigs, bamboo. The combination of materials with flowers results in professional arrangements and pieces.

To gain more prominence in the decoration, bet on vases of different sizes, but that do not run away from the style. The combination with different flowers can also be a good trick for a fun and elegant arrangement.

After choosing the varied types, it’s time to leave for the production of flower arrangements. The first step in flower arrangement tips: how to do it, is to prepare the flowers, that is, remove the thorns and make diagonal cuts on the stems. This is a method used by flower bouquet professionals so that the plant absorbs more water and becomes firmer. Then, use those green gardening wires to join the cables and leave the flowers slightly distorted, which guarantees the arrangement firmness. At the bottom of the vases, opt for a gardening sponge, with a small amount of water. Fill empty spaces with pine chips, moss and straw.

artificial flower arrangements

An option that doesn’t require much care is artificial flower arrangements. (Image: Disclosure).

Artificial flowers are other devices used for parties, special occasions or even to decorate different environments. The advantage is that they are more durable and provide an effect similar to natural ones.

To make a vase with artificial flowers or a bouquet of flowers, set aside simple tools such as scissors, glass or plastic vases, vase foam, holder and shovel.

To assemble, place the foam, fit the vase, place five crooked wicker branches in the vase. Separate the foliage and attach it to the side of the foam. To finish, spread the artificial leaves, cutting the stalks. And the flower arrangement is ready in minutes.

Artificial flowers, in addition to being more durable, do not need maintenance, changes or watering. Therefore, it is a type of bouquet or arrangement for those who want to decorate the environment, be it a room, office, living room, bedroom or any indoor environment.

Just saw how many tips to make, yourself, an arrangement or a bouquet of flowers, personalized, exclusive and original. Now, just take advantage of the step-by-step and Flower arrangements: how to do it, tips. Good job!

Assembly of floral arrangements

Do you like flowers? So, you will love creating beautiful floral arrangements! (Image: Disclosure).

Assembling floral arrangements is a way of innovating the decor, making it more delicate and charming. There are several ideas that can be put into practice to explore the beauty of flowers and all the benefits that are associated with it, such as a pleasant scent and freshness in indoor environments.

When making an arrangement, it is essential to work with creativity and good taste, in addition to choosing the appropriate species for your proposal. Remember that the element once ready will be responsible for completing the decor and giving a touch of personality to the environment, so the main flowers must be chosen with great care and affection.

Floral arrangements are always beneficial for the look of the residence, after all, they make the rooms more cheerful, colorful and pleasant. The cultivation of natural flowers contributes to the well-being of residents and highlights the style that predominates in the decoration, such as romantic, classic, rustic and contemporary.

When choosing the species for the arrangement, it is important to observe what the predominant decoration proposal is to be able to value it. When it comes to a special occasion, it pays to be more careful and careful with the assembly of the element. In the case of the arrangement that will be used on a day-to-day basis, residents should seek facilities for cultivation.

Tips for making flower arrangements

A romantic arrangement of roses. (Image: Disclosure).

1. An arrangement isn’t just made of flowers, so try to work with other materials, such as dry branches, pebbles and beautiful leaves. To make the element even more charming, choose to assemble it in a transparent container.

two. Remember that the secret of an elegant arrangement lies in simplicity, so be careful with the combination of different species and colors.

3. It is fundamental to be concerned with the survival conditions of the arrangement that decorates some furniture in the house. In this way, create the habit of watering, fertilizing and providing the necessary light for plant growth. In the case of more delicate flowers with buds, it is important to keep them out of the air current.

4. To make the natural flower arrangement last longer, use a preservative in the water for watering the soil. This type of product is found in flower shops.

5. The arrangement can also be mounted with a floral brick, capable of retaining water and ensuring more durability for the flowers.

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