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Flower arrangements for New Year’s Eve parties

You flower arrangements for holiday parties they need to be delicate, elegant and capable of valuing the characteristics of the commemorative date. Floral ornaments can be used to decorate the supper table, the living areas of the house or even the party room.

Flower arrangements for end of year parties. (Photo: Disclosure)

In the Northern Hemisphere, decorations for end-of-year parties incorporate typical winter elements, such as snowmen. In Brazil, on the other hand, it is worth betting on colorful and cheerful flowers to decorate the party and at the same time enhance the characteristics of summer.

End-of-year floral arrangements bring freshness and liveliness to environments. Species can have numerous colors, shapes, textures and sizes. However, in order not to leave the party looking too overloaded, it is important to take care when choosing the flowers and assembling the arrangements.

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Flower arrangements for New Year’s Eve parties

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Christmas flower arrangements

Christmas arrangement with red roses. (Photo: Disclosure)

Christmas is a time of peace, love and prosperity. People usually gather family members to exchange gifts, enjoy supper and reinforce the wishes of happiness. As much as the fraternization takes place at home, it is very important to pay attention to the decoration.

Some species of flowers favor the Christmas arrangement, as is the case with the parrot’s beak. This plant has a showy appearance and its red color makes a beautiful contrast with the green foliage. It is also interesting to decorate with red roses, red anthuriums, red gerberas and red carnations. Other intense colors, such as dark orange, also match the Christmas atmosphere. Christmas compositions can add pine cones, candles, fruits and Christmas balls.

Arrangement with red flowers and Christmas baubles. (Photo: Disclosure)

Don’t you know how to put together a flower arrangement for Christmas? Then watch the video below and see the step by step.

Flower arrangement for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a joyous, superstitious and reflective occasion. On this date, people say goodbye to the past year and prepare for the arrival of a new year. The main color of New Year’s Eve is white, which symbolizes peace and purity, so the tone cannot be left out of New Year’s arrangements. Among the most suitable flower species for ornamentation, it is worth mentioning: white orchids, white lilies and white camellias.

New Year arrangement with white roses. (Photo: Disclosure)

In the new year, to attract positive energies and ward off bad vibes, it is worth making arrangements with rue, rosemary and pepper. If white flowers make the decoration too monotonous, it is worth betting on yellow and pink species, which also value the search for prosperity.

White lilies for New Year’s Eve arrangements. (Photo: Disclosure)

Watch the video below and learn how to assemble a floral arrangement for the New Year:

bet on us flower arrangements for holiday parties and leave the decor impeccable for Christmas and New Year.

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