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Flor Rubio says that Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto will confirm their breakup very soon: “The relationship no longer exists”

While Irina Baeva confirms that her wedding plans with Gabriel Soto are still onthe protagonist of the telenovela ‘Mi Camino es Amarte’ avoided talking about the subject by fleeing from the press, so the journalist Flor Rubio assured that very soon the couple will confirm their breakup through a statement.

The rumors of a separation between Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto seem to have no end, because although both have come out to deny the supposed thunder, several media have continued with the speculations in which they insist the courtship ended several months agothat The Russian would be refusing to give him the engagement ring and even that he already is trying to conquer the actress Sara Corrales.

And although Soto had always agreed to speak to the media, during a recent meeting with the press at a location on the soap opera in which he currently participates, he preferred to evade the questions by fleeing the place, arguing that he would return at the end, but this never happened.

This was announced in the ‘Venga la Alegría’ program, where they presented the video that verifies Gabriel Soto’s attitude and his refusal to face the press, for which the journalist Flor Rubio did not hesitate to reiterate that the separation of the actors is a fact and confirmation could happen very soon.

“I hate to say: ‘I told you so’, but I told you so!, and it is also known that In the next few days when this commercial commitment with Irina ends, they will make it known through a statement“, commented the also driver.

And it is that, as he explained, Soto’s evasiveness only shows that everything that has been said about him is true, which is why he has preferred to flee rather than talk about what really happens in his love life.

“There are silences and there are evasions that seem to say nothing, but they say everything. Knowing Gabriel Soto that he always talks about all topics, even the most difficult ones, this silence of course speaks volumes about the relationship no longer existsperiod ”, he sentenced.

It should be noted that the rumors continue to increase because the actors no longer show their love on social networks as they used to do after their romance was revealed and a few months later their engagement, when both shared romantic photo sessions from their vacations or even their daily lives. , one of his latest publications being the one made in May 2022.

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