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Flor Amargo will give a concert in Los Angeles for the Dolores Huerta Foundation

bitter flower He is probably one of the most talented contemporary artists out there at the moment. Mexico. His way of interpreting, composing and being a multi-instrumentalist has left many speechless even when he is joking and inventing on his Twitter account. instagram. The truth is that it appears in The Angels amid the controversy that his latest statements on social networks have generated.

Elle is clear. She identifies as “Not Binary” that is to say, non-binary gender. Since ever, bitter flower He has felt that he did not fit into the feminine or masculine gender. Her music has been her accomplice in this transition, finally giving her a voice and a strength to feel the identity that she herself explains: “I am non-binary and, since everything here must be named, I tell you… I am trans, I am non-binary… They don’t fit me in two. I am a sky. Neither day nor night. Neither sun nor moon. I’m everything...”

With that same impetus, bitter flower offered us an exclusive interview to tell us about their next presentation at The Hotel Room in Los Angeles this Saturday, January 14. He described it as a concert where: “love and freedom” will be present.

bitter flower Not only is she extremely talented, but she is a great activist who identifies with the fight that the defender has had for the human rights of farmers and women, among many other causes. the also Mexican and activist Dolores Huerta. The same as at 92 years old he continues to maintain his fighting cry: “If possible” more current than ever.

bitter flower matches her in heart and will donate her ticket office to the Dolores Huerta Foundation in an attempt to defend more than ever and support the Hispanic community in the United States.

Emma Mayte Carballo Hernandezas it is originally called, will walk through different colors of cumbia, pop and folklore in a night where it will have as a guest Nancy Sanchez. Another Mexican artist based in The Angels that delves into the same Latin genres, but also encompasses Jazz and Pop.

Tickets can be purchased here or through the social networks of the organizers: Eclectic Sunset Y The Living Sessions.

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